Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My field trip to Simpson

I woke up wondering what time it was, so I picked up my clock and it said 7:48 AM. So I got up and right then, my mom walked in the hallway telling all of us to get up because today we had a field trip. So we all got up, went to the breakfast table, and got the cereal that we wanted to eat. When we were done eating we all took showers.when we got out, my mom told us that we had to wear a T-shirt pants and tennis shoes. So I grabbed my Nike T-shirt my Levi pants and my black and white striped Nike shoes. Right before he left my mom told us that we had to grab our iPods and iPhones so we could take pictures while we were there. On the way to the field trip we listen to our audiobook in the car like we always do. When we got there we walked in there were two small room one of them is the one with the front desk and the other one couldn't see what was in it, so I walked in and when I did it was awesome, there was racing equipment everywhere, racing gloves, racing helmets, racing shoes, and Racing pictures.
 We had about five minutes to take pictures until the tour guide called us into a different room. This room was much bigger than the other Ones. There were big pieces of cloth hanging from the ceiling and they were shaped like a cross. I was wondering what it was, I decided I should just keep on listening until eventually he mentioned them. He said that they were parachutes for drag racing to slow the cars down.
He said was that we had to split into two groups half-and-half because there was too many people so it would be hard for everyone to see. So another guy took our group and the first thing you showed us with the The seatbelts were kind of like baby harnesses because of the way they buckle up
 Speaking of which…
 So are the seats. While we were in the same area he showed us these, there called Hans. Stands for head and neck support.
 These are used to keep racers from breaking their neck. It hooks onto your home so when you crash your head doesn't go all the way forward and break your neck, instead just goes forward a little bit. After that we went on to the helmets and he showed us the assembly line there was a separate room that he took us into you and that's where all the helminths got painted
 When the people are done painting the helmets they stick them in a room that they call the oven and it usually takes the helmets 30 minutes to dry
After that he took us into the smaller room and that was the room where he tested the helmets to make sure that they didn't break during a crash. So what he did was he hooked up the helmet to a pulley machine that sort of looked like this 
 He pool salmon up and then he drops it on the same spot twice to make sure it doesn't break so like in a car crash when the Driver hits his head on the same spot twice a helmet doesn't bust. When he was done showing us that he took us all the way back to the front to the part that we haven't seen yet. He was showing us A picture of Mr. Simpson the one who created a flame retardant suit. When he spread the word no one believed in so he proved it, he put on the suit and he told the guys who work for him to spray him in gas and douse him with flames and then after five or ten seconds put him out.
 The suits aren't fireproof just fire retardant the fire can only stay on the student from 5 to 10 seconds which is as long as it would usually take for the driver to get out of the car and be extinguished by his crew. After that we were pretty much done so we headed back to the first room for five minutes. On our way out they gave us all goody bags. They had to Simpson stickers, a keychain, and a catalog.

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